The Kirgle Empire, also known as the Masters of Science by the Coeloctor Empire, was a four-star empire in its prime.


The Kirgle Empire

The Kirgle originated near the Galactic Core and were uplifted by the Coeloctor using a monolith. Due to their natural intelligence, upon reaching the space stage, they quickly made huge leaps in scientific and technological progress. The Coeloctor, upon seeing this, bribed them into teaching them many of their secrets, changing their archetype from their naturally-earned archetype of Ecologist to that of Scientist. At one point the Coeloctor and the Kirgle were allies. In that era they could be said to have had a mutually beneficial relationship: the Coeloctor helping the Kirgle by uplifting them and the Kirgle helping the Coeloctor by sharing their knowledge. However after becoming scientists the Coeloctor no longer saw a need to keep the Kirgle around and turned against them in order to help their other allies, the Dwobble Empire, expand. The Coeloctor would swoop down in their spaceship and destroy the Kirgle's turrets, allowing the Dwobble to finish off the rest. Eventually the Kirgle Empire was completely destroyed. The Coeloctor occasionally regret having destroyed the Kirgle and lost the secrets to creating many technologies, which were not amongst the secrets the Kirgle shared. The Coeloctor considered the Kirgle to have a practically-genius level intelligence.

The Kirgle were not a very combative race. It was very easy for the Coeloctor to destroy their turrets as they
Kirgle architecture2

Kirgle Architecture

didn't even build many in the first place, often opting to build none at all. The Coeloctor brutally exploited this weakness. The Kirgle were very slow to declare war against the Coelector. They eventually did finally do it, but by then it was already too late.

Oddly enough, residing near the core, it is possible that the Kirgle were allied with the Grox, as even after allying with the Kirgle the Coeloctor could not ask them to attack them.