Discoverer: XG of the NNESS, abbreviated for safety reasons.


The [REDACTED] discovered a crashed [REDACTED], and they figured out how to [REDACTED].  The [REDACTED] seem much more peaceful than the Grox, and also seem to have a strong toxin immunity, as we know, the grox are highly toxic, their [REDACTED] only increasing that.


Apparently the [REDACTED] were one of XXXXX's genetic experiments which *BAD_DATA* then uplifted, fortunately the [REDACTED] don't seem more aggressive after [REDACTED].  We will continue monitoring the [REDACTED] as they advance past the civilization phase.


The [REDACTED] seem to have figured out how to eat XXXXXXXX somehow, the second spice on their planet is also running dry, they are soon going to be left with only red spice like the rest of us.  Interestingly, the [REDACTED] are seeming to only use XXXXXX in the XXXXXXXX now, and seemingly obsess over them.


The XXXXXX spice has run out and the [REDACTED] have entered space, we cannot monitor them much longer before they find us and blow our cover, we've managed to encrypt some of our messages between this [REDACTED] and the rest of the [REDACTED] empire, so odds are if someone finds this, the encryption and possible corruption of these *BAD_DATA* logs will help prevent them from disvovering [REDACTED]


these logs are hereby terminated, anyone caught with the data will *BAD_DATA*