The Neohum Empire is a relatively new species emerging on Dalahia's arm. The Neohumians currently possess 62 star systems in their core region of space. The empire's archetype is Scientific, which means their ships are fitted with Graviton Wave super weapons. The Neohumian Technocracy believes in a strong, industrious core: Many of the star systems near Neo have multiple colonized planets at terrascore level 3.

Homeworld sector of the Neohum Empire. 1/9/18

Government System Edit

The Neohum Empire is a technocracy, meaning the government leaders are chosen based on scientific expertise and knowledge. In order to be elected, leaders must complete a "Grand Test," where all fields of science are touched upon. The test is administered by the Scientific branch of government, where the smartest minds in the Empire follow a strict constitution and check other branches for following the rules stated in the constitution. This leads to a relatively corruption-free government, however it is not perfect and corruption still exists within the Empire.

Core Beliefs Edit

The Neohumian population in general is aware of greater military forces in the galaxy. As a result, the Neohum Empire has been expanding and conquering nearby species for resources and control. They believe it necessary to preserve and protect them as a species- no matter the cost. This has led to unrestricted orbital bombardment practices, breaking the galactic code and, perhaps the most horrifying, unrestricted experiments on living organisms.