PT homeworld area

This is the Playthrough Cat's homeworld area.

The Playthrough Cat is an empire controlled by the player AccurateJaney that is in Dalahia (Needlenose)'s arm. It is currently controlling around 10 colonies in its arm. It is Trader Philosophy. Its consequence traits are, in order, Omnivore, Adaptable, Industrious, Economic, and Trader. They have killed 3 epics to defend their cities.

Civilization Stage Edit

PTC city1

Playthrough Cat's first city, Playthrough Cat City.

In civilization stage, the Playthrough Cat Nation was a rival to Yellow Nation, with the nation frequently attacking their cities. The Playthrough Cats built turrets to defend their main city and first city, and their second city, as the Yellow Nation was on their continent mostly. The Blue Nation was the original nation's greatest ally, with the Blue Nation joining them soon after the Yellow Nation was defeated. The Yellow Nation met their end by the Blue Nation attacking their last, landlocked city.

PT Cat Empire

The Playthrough Cat's Empire as of their fourth turn.

Tribal Stage Edit

In tribal stage, Playthrough Cats razed and pillaged the Brown and Cyan Villages, but spared the Pink, Green, and Orange Villages to ally them instead.

Creature Stage Edit

In creature stage, many species either died or lived due to the Playthrough Cat's massive attack strength, but lack in socializing skills. This includes the Wesel, who were killed in this empire's quest for sentience.
PTC city2

The Playthrough Cat's second city, Pupeirus.

Cell Stage Edit

The Playthrough Cat skipped cell stage, but used the setConsequenceTrait to get Omnivore traits.